Cybrix Group is an Preferred Distributor for SpaceSense Systems.

SpaceSense Systems offers a complete condition monitoring solution by combining the SX3 Wireless Sensor IIoT System with 3rd party systems or SX3 Partner Reliability Systems as a Service.


The SX3 Sensor is a small formfactor wireless Vibration sensor less than “One Inch Square”, (see specs below) that out-performs all battery powered sensors on the market for data collection, data resolution and data transmission loss recovery. Capturing 90,000 records of data in a Six Second sample. provides the high-resolution data required for detailed analysis, of: Bearings, Fan Blades; Pump Cavitation/Oscillation; Gear Mesh and Shaft/Coupling Predictive Degradation Identification.

SX3 Solution provides autonomous wireless triaxial vibration and temperature monitoring in an open architecture format, allowing for comprehensive analysis of the data with 3rd party best-in-class diagnostics solutions. Diagnostics include problem detection/ID with recommended actions.

The SX3 wireless sensor separates the sensor from the battery, communication, and analytics, producing output. There are many benefits to this configuration such as the ability to place the communication part away from the production point being monitored, increasing the ability for clearer communications via BLE to Gateway, moving TAG out of the grease and floor level environment and allowing the vibration sensor itself to be extremely small and versatile in its placement.

Cases and Containers

Most of our Shipping Cases are ATA 300, Category 1 certified, and our Military cases are MIL-STD-810G compliant to withstand rain, sand, wind, shock and temperature extremes to guarantee their durability and integrity. We also design and manufacture custom UN / IATA compliant outer packaging, certified for transportation by air, for lithium batteries, compressed gas, flammables, corrosives and more.