Engineering Services

With the increasing competition and availability of similar types of products and services in the marketplace, differentiation is critical for an organization to create a unique place and leapfrog the competition.

Cybrix provides engineering and programmatic expertise to meet emerging trends and transformational needs of government and commercial customers.  Our expertise lies with providing scientific, engineering, and research and development (R&D) support services for many types of equipment and systems including:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Installation

Examples include:

Alternative meshing protocols for GSN

The Cybrix team at the lab has proposed utilizing an open source protocol for a sensor project that has a much larger installed base and is an industry standard in the world of meshing.

Video compression/acceleration study

Cybrix was asked to perform a survey of 4 different technologies that could directly impact the delivery of imagery (both still and moving).

IP Acceleration comparison

Cybrix was tasked to evaluate IP Acceleration technology that is currently available on the open market.


OPNET is a wireless modeling environment used to determine the performance of any kind of wireless or wired network devices literally anywhere in the world.

Cybrix Engineering Assistance

Cybrix offers ongoing assistance to the rotational internship program sharing knowledge on wireless, electrical engineering and software programming.

FON router hacking

The FON Wireless Routers were software modified in order to create an ultra small platform for wireless exploitation on a very small scale. 


A cost effective alternative to Moonshine and Phoenix. The Zombie platform has the ability to function on wireless or wired networks to find network targets determined by MAC address, IP address or the protocol/application (email, web, etc.) they are using.

Penetration testing environment

Our team has completed their training and are certified CISSP’s in the field of network security. We immediately developed an environment we can evaluate software and hardware in from a security perspective. We can now evaluate any piece of software bit for bit to determine if there are any hidden programs, viruses or clandestine operations are embedded within it. A hardware test and analysis station has also been configured to examine hardware much the same way.

VoIP on a gum stick computer

Our idea for the Gumstick VoIP project grew from a discussion  in the lab one afternoon. The discussion was relating that one of the biggest issues facing anyone who travels overseas is the heavy monitoring and intercepting of voice communications. The current solution is to carry a satellite phone, which is not even close to being secure but better than open cellular networks or to carry classified encryption technology to secure the channel.

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