Pro-Vigil means never being caught off guard.

Proactive vigilence means never being caught of guard.

Pro-Vigil Managed Network Services makes sure your network is secured and protected with 24/7 Network Monitoring and Maintenance Services. This two pronged approach ensures optimal network performance and security so that you can focus on your business, not on your network.

We’ll watch over your network—detecting network, system, and application level failures. In the event of an outage, real-time notifications will be sent to our system administrators with a copy to you via e-mail or SMS. Once alerted, our system administrators take corrective action to restore your services. We also provide System Maintenance services to increase reliability which translate into increased productivity and peace of mind. This will allow your business to focus on what it does best. 


  • Continuous monitoring of scheduled devices:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Hard Disks
    • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Daily monitoring of system logs for applications, logins, security, etc…
  • Monitoring network up/down status
  • Management reporting


Don't get protected; stay protected with on-going maintenance. Cybrix Group's comprehensive on-going maintenance services result in end-to-end protection. Click on the items below for more information about how this service can benefit your organization.

24/7/365 Support

No more calls in the middle of Sunday dinner or late at night. Cybrix Group’s engineers are your support infrastructure from the time an issue is discovered until it is resolved. We also interface with carriers and hosting companies on your behalf so that you don’t waste time trying to manage the jargon while you struggle with your issue!

Resolve Performance Issues

The best problems are ones that are proactively addressed before they can undermine your network or its security. Cybrix Group’s Pro-Vigil Network Monitoring Service identifies performance issues before they become issues and allows our engineers to make the necessary corrections to ensure operational continuity for your business systems.

Root cause analysis of outages

Not all network interruptions can be foreseen but when this occurs, the only thing more frustrating than a network or resource outage with no explanation is experiencing the same issue more than once. At Cybrix Group, we strive to provide an analysis of each and every network interruption and propose a solution to prevent repetitive issues.  

Perform regular virus scans

Cybrix Group engineers are tasked with ensuring that your network and your network resources are continually available. This includes a system check of all computers covered under the Pro-Vigil monitoring plan for updated (and active) virus scanning, registry optimization, and disk defragmentation.

Apply updates to all systems and hardware

Just patching servers or pushing updates to desktop resources once a month is akin to taking your car in for a full service and only replacing the air filter! Cybrix Group takes a comprehensive approach to network maintenance by monitoring and applying updates to servers, switches, firewalls and wireless devices as recommended by the vendor.

Overall Security strategy for systems and users

Are your wireless access points set to the proper level of encryption? Considering a work from home program for employees but not quite sure the best way to implement? Does the clerk in accounting have the access to everyone's salary records? Does your server backup nightly in an encrypted format? Cybrix addresses the specific and unique needs of each client. There are no "one size fits all" solutions for security, and no business should settle for such an approach.

New user adds/changes/deletes for basic network services

Cybrix Group takes accountability for end-to-end network availability. We supplement your existing network administrator to ensure that the users joining the network have appropriate access to resources, virus updates and data backup from their first day and will make sure that exiting employs are properly removed from the system so that they can’t access network resources following their exit.

Remote end-user support

At Cybrix Group we realize that there are times when the end user needs support ASAP and cannot wait for an engineer to arrive and that sometimes the issue can’t just be resolved with just a short phone call. That’s why we offer remote support for the end user. Most issues can be resolved in 15 minutes or less via remote desktop or by looking at the resource that is not "cooperating" with the user.

Onsite support at a reduced hourly rate

We also offer a reduced rate for all of our customers for one simple reason: it is easier to solve a problem when you know the environment than when you do not. When you bring Cybrix Group into your team, you bring professional engineers who’ve taken responsibility for your network and its attached resources. We’ll learn your systems inside and out and will know the "lay of the land" and how things work. This means we can fix issues more quickly than IT support coming into your environment for the first time. That makes life easier for everyone!