Managed Network Services


Technology is constantly evolving and staying up to date with security patches and upgrades can be challenging. If you aren’t proactively monitoring your network and keeping your software and hardware current with the latest security patches, you’re at risk of hack and breach: hackers have something you don’t have—Time. They can afford to look for the vulnerability or gap in your network and then infiltrate your network.

Let Cybrix Group become an extension of your team. We can manage your system at your data center or from our fully equipped data center. We are passionate about data security and we have the tools and experience to effectively manage your supporting IT infrastructure.

Don’t risk a security breach and face the expense of remediation, stress of possible legal implications and costly damage to your business’ reputation. Cybrix Group’s Pro-Vigil Network Monitoring Service provides 24/7 proactive vigilance and automatically alerts your dedicated engineer if there are issues that need to be resolved. We’re ready to show you the difference.