Moving Forward, Vigilance is Key

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Usama bin Laden, al-Qaeda leader, openly declared war on the United States in 1998 and has since coordinated countless terrorist attacks that were responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, including the 9/11 attacks that brought millions of Americans angst and heartache. Finally, on Sunday evening, May 1st, the American people received a measure of justice. President Obama announced that Navy Seal Team 6 had stormed a Pakistani compound and successfully killed Usama bin Laden.

The Cybrix Group, a systems integration and consulting group, has been supporting the U.S. military, including the U.S. Navy, since 2002. President, and Navy Veteran, Tim Jones expresses his excitement about the announcement and his gratitude for our armed services: “This is a proud moment for Americans. We’re proud of all of our special forces. So many of us here were in the Navy and continue to work with the Navy. Having the combination of the right technology and human intelligence to obtain actionable intelligence was key to pulling this off. That’s what makes our jobs so much more important as we help to provide that training, support and equipment that makes missions like this possible. Cybrix is proud to be a member of this community.”

Though the head of the snake may have been cut off, the global war on terrorism is not over. It is imperative to stay vigilante. With the death of Usama, there may be smaller spin-off terrorist groups that will become active throughout the world. The Cybrix Group will continue to work with the military community to build better equipment and more timely intelligence solutions to help fight terrorism and keep our troops safe. Our company understands how crucial it is to provide the right equipment and training for our military to successfully carry out operations in a seamless manner with the utmost security and safety. We vow to continue to exceed expectations of innovation and technology.